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Prosim Engineering Services


  • We create impact on our customers, ensuring that end customers are happy!.
  • We solve complex engineering problems of our customers.
  • We deploy our expertise in engineering, skills in CAE, FEA, and Multiphysics simulations.
  • We provide engineering critical decisions to optimize products/ systems/ processes of our customers.

Our constant focus on competence creation and enhancement; technology development; continuous learning; our in-house IP assets help us to serve our customers better.

We work across multiple industry verticals. We have strong traction in energy sector, with special focus on nuclear power sector. We have become a “Go To” company for engineering outsourcing, (outsourced / off-shored) to provide following services:

  • Computer Aided Engineering (CAE)
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
  • Computational Fluid dynamics (CFD)
  • Multi-physics Simulation
  • Pipe Stress Analysis (pipe flexibility analysis)
  • Structural Integrity Assessment of energy assets including
    • Seismic evaluation services using FEA
      (as per ASME / RCC / PNAE/ IEEE/ EN and other standards)
    • Remaining Life Assessment / Extension (RLA/RLE)
    • Fitness for Service (FFS) as per API-579
    • Engineering Critical Analysis (ECA)
    • Provide re-use/ repair/ reuse / retire judgements for asset usage.

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