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Torque analysis of a three phase Wound Rotor Induction Motor using JMAG Designer

Abstract A wound-rotor induction motor is one of the AC synchronous motors. The Stator is similar to the squirrel cage induction motor. The rotor consists of insulated windings with slip rings and brushes. An external resistance can be connected through the brushes

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Seminar on Rotating Electrical Machines

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD REGISTRATION FORM TENTATIVE AGENDA 16th May 2017 9:30-10:00       Registration, Networking -Coffee / Tea 10:00-10:30       Context Setting by Dr. Shamasundar, ProSIM 10:30-11:15    Introductory remarks by, Mr Takashi Kondo, JSOL Corporation, Japan Mr Olivier Toury, PowerSYS, France

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