Professional Services

In addition to computer simulation based services, ProSIM provides a range of professional services to customers. Driven by its industry experience, expertise in engineering disciplines, deep knowledge of simulation technologies and analytical methods, ProSIM provides these customer specific unique services.

Legal Advisory, Expert engineering opinion for legal transactions

ProSIM has worked as technical experts in several litigations and arbitrations on behalf of litigant or respondants. We have also worked as independent expert appointed by tribunals / arbitration councils. We have done this in domestic (Indian) courts/ arbitrations and also in international tribunals/ arbitration councils.

Our mandates include:

  • Study of the claims/ counter claims,
  • Analysing the technical issues and generating general overview of the matter involved to the jurors/ counsels/ lawyers
  • Studying alternate scenarios of failure (for example, studying the impact of design variations / problems/ material defects/ manufacturing problems/ operational issues such as overloads (temperature, pressure etc) and arriving at possible root causes of the core issues of litigation.
  • Preparing expert witness statements based on detailed analysis
  • Deposing before courts/ tribunals/ arbitrators
  • All types of forensic engineering services to be provided to legal teams/ arbitration councils or tribunals or to government agencies.
  • Assessment of insurance claims

Third party design verification

ProSIM has worked as third party design verification/ assessment agency for end users/ operators/ EPC contractors/ certification agencies and also vendors. ProSIM provides the needed independent technical expert house for bridging the technical gaps between various agencies / parties involved.

ProSIM has provided third party design verification service to variety areas such as wind turbines (tower structure, gear box, of wind mills); oil and gas, off-shore platforms / pipings, power plants, processing industries and so on.

Reverse engineering, Rapid Prototyping

Using our network of vendors, we can assist our customers to do reverse engineering projects. We assist in rapid prototyping, scanning, and reverse engineering. We can generate 3D CAD models of legacy products, and generate value added designs using the reference designs of legacy products. While generating such new designs, we account for past performance, service history, failure history of the legacy design. We have used this approach to generate an entire range of high performance products / designs. Once such products are designed (and cleared by customers), we generate the rapid prototyping or 3D printing of the design

Physical prototyping and Physical Testing

On behalf of our customers, we undertake physical prototyping, 3D printing and testing services using our network of vendors. Once the design exercise has been carried out by ProSIM team, we freeze the details with our customers. We get the prototypes generated by our vendors and get the physical testing as per industry standards/ codes or customer specifications.

Material Testing and Characterisation

Often, our customers will not have all the material property data to carry out the required analysis. We have assisted our customers to get these material properties tested in our network of laboratories. Such material tests can include routine mechanical property testing (as per ASTM standards), generation of stress-strain data at elevated temperatures and high strain rates (to determine the deformation behaviour of material- visco-plastic / visco-elastic/ hyper-elastic constitutive modelling), fatigue life and damage testing, wear characterisation and so on.

We have characterised a variety of materials including alloys of steel, aluminium, Nickel, Titanium, Mangenese, Magnesium, copper, bronze, composites, rubbers, plastics and so on.

For example, to enable a brake manufacturer to overcome the break squeal (noise) issue and get their products approved by OEM, we assisted complete thermo-mechanical and wear characterisation at a range of temperatures, for a wide range of composite materials to be used for brake pad. These properties were needed to conduct the coupled thermo-mechanical FEM analysis, wear analysis, fatigue analysis and the noise (NVH) analysis for various design and material combinations.

ProSIM has the abilities to define the appropriate testing procedures / protocols that are needed for specific purpose.

Technical bridge between OEMs and Vendors

ProSIM provides the bridge between vendors and OEMs. We get engaged with OEMs on behalf of their vendors to demonstrate the technical issues. On behalf of OEMs we have assisted vendors to follow and comply appropriate design, quality assurance and manufacturing processes.