Gravity and Pressure Die Casting

‘Visualise What You Cannot See – ADSTEFAN for Diecasting’

Using casting process simulation software tools such as ADSTEFAN, ProSIM assists die casting companies involved high pressure die casting (HPDC), low pressure die casting (LPDC) or gravity die casting (GDC) for optimisation of their gating design.

In high pressure die casting, both hot chamber and cold chamber processes are simulated. Die casting simulation software ADSTEFAN has ability for simulation of the shot sleeve and enables prediction of standing wave formation in the shot sleeve. Air entrapment in the waves, which can potentially get locked up are visualised. This will enable more accurate prediction of defects in HPDC such as air entrapment. ADSTEFAN, a HPDC simulation software tool also helps in understanding the contribution of each gate to the die cavity filling. HPDC gating system optimisation can be achieved by visualisation the metal flow and contribution of each gate to the die filling.

ADSTEFAN being the only casting simulation software that helps you simulate the spray by accounting the pressure, direction and angle of the spray, (let alone timing of the spray). Be it a fluid or air, the simulation time doesn’t differ.

Any and all types of coating used in any of the HPDC, GDC, LPDC processes can be simulated in ADSTEFAN.

A unique simulation method called CSM (cycle study method) helps you complete simulation in handful of minutes in ADSTEFAN. CSM displays the steady state output of the die.

Click here to download the paper on “Casting Geometric Integrity & Quality, Residual Stress Simulation” presented at Alucast2015