Evaluation as per Standards

It has become common practice in various industries to use common standards/ codes/ specifications. Regulations have also been in place by governments/ regulatory bodies to ensure compliance of such industrial practices.

ProSIM has the ability to carry out the design as per industry standards and codes, and get the designs certified as per codes such as, ASME, ASTM, API, BP, CE, CWET, DIN, DNV, GL, NEMA, IEEE, ISO, RCCMR, TEMA / add here the air core reactor code/ etc.

For code approval and certification, ProSIM has assisted companies to generate the design documents and engage with the agencies for certification. ProSIM has also worked as third party assessment agency for the code compliance of designs carried out by others.

ProSIM has serviced a range of applications pressure vessels and operating equipment, piping (on-shore, off-shore, submerged, underground, under water etc), industrial equipments, railway equipment, electrical equipment, wind turbine systems and so on)

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  • on Seismic Evaluation of nuclear equipment active and passive, as per ASME codes
  • Design and design qualification of underwater submarine pipings as per DNV codes
  • Qualification of pressure vessels as per ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessels Code (B&PV) – Section VIII Division-2 and other relevant sections)