Customization of CAX Software

ProSIM assists customers to customise CAx and simulation software (CAD/CAE/FEM/..) to minimise engineering time. Typically, the time for CAD model creation and pre-processing is reduced by 60 to 80%. ProSIM also assists companies to develop wizards to capture their special in-house design practices.

We use a variety of scripting languages (python, c++, VB, Java etc) and the software specific macros / APIs to develop such interfaces.

We have developed macros for various applications (for example assessment of damage as per RCCMR codes for ITER project; seismic evaluation of class-I, class-II, class-III nuclear components as per ASME code; design validation and qualification of submerged off-shore pipes as per DNV codes and so on.

ProSIM has assisted customers to develop platforms for the design and analysis of automotive wheels, suspension springs, air core reactors and so on.