Chassis Systems
Drive Train
Electrical and Electronics Systems
Other Systems
Off-road vehicles

Chassis Systems

  • Long Member of SUV – rigidity, durability and reliability analysis; hydroforming using high strength steels (DP grade); optimisation to reduce the weight,
  • Optimisation of cross members of light commercial vehicles LCV
  • Weld fatigue evaluation of heavy commercial vehicles (HCV)


  • Dynamic behaviour of V (and other types) engine
  • Optimisation of engine mounts (mount design, number of mounts, location of mounts)
  • Fatigue life optimisation of crank shafts
  • Re-design and design verification of connecting rod (4 wheeler, and 2 wheeler)
  • Timing chain system Dynamic analysis including NVH & Elongation
  • Fatigue and reliability analysis of chain transmission
  • Torsinal vibration analsys
  • Engine dynamics and noise (NVH) analysis
  • Creep-fatigue analysis of cylinder liner
  • Manufacturing process design (casting) of cylinder head, cylinder blocks of multiple types
  • Thermo-mechanical fatigue analysis of piston and piston ring (2 wheelers and passenger cars)
  • Dynamic analysis and order analysis
  • Pre-defined and fully parameterized database models of all common engine types
  • Scalable level of model detail and complexity
  • Substructure technique
  • Re-use of verified components in SIMPACK
  • Complete system simulations
  • Extreme non-linear system behavior
  • Unlimited modeling flexibility
  • Reasonable computation times due to SIMPACK specialized solvers and relative coordinate algorithm

Drive Train

  • Complete drive train (of passenger car) design validation (stress, durability, NVH) – including Torque Transfer (TT) parts, Transfer Case (TC), differential, and housings.
  • Off-road vehicle drive train multi-body dynamics and FEM analysis
  • Contact stress (pressure) analysis and wear characterisation of helical gears
  • Order analysis of HCVs
  • Simulation of any design
  • Extreme non-linear system behavior, e.g. emergency braking
  • Acoustic analyses in the frequency and time domain
  • Detailed Gear Pair and bearing elements
  • Numerous possible levels of fidelity
  • Complete system behaviour
  • Batch jobs
  • Automatic analysis reports
  • Drivetrain specific elements
  • Importation of flexible bodies from common FEM codes.


  • Dynamic FEM analysis of suspension spring – 2 wheeler
  • Fatigue analysis and virtual testing (dynamics and durability) for telescopic suspensions
  • Leaf spring design verification and optimisation (material, and durability)


  • Electrical Power Steering (EPS) Design of Experiments and sensitivity analysis
  • Hydraulic Power Steering – design verification and validation
  • Manual steering- durability assessment, Gear noise


  • Optimisation of LCV wheels (disc, drum, side ring)
  • Reliability and durability enhancement of HCV wheels
  • Forming tool design and process optimisation of drum forming
  • Welding analysis to minimise run-out
  • Weld durability analysis of multi-pass submerged arc welding
  • Casting process design and die design of aluminium alloy wheels (High pressure die casting)

Electrical and Electronics Systems

  • Coupled analysis of IPM (Interior permanent magnet) motor for Hybrid vehicles
  • Motor analysis for Electric vehicles
  • Analysis of Solenoid valve for fuel injection
  • Analysis of Clutch pedal sensor
  • Prediction of magnetic flux in Hall sensor
  • Analysis of sensors for Stand application
  • Vibration and electromagnetic noise analysis of Claw pole alternator
  • Magnetic and thermal analysis of Starter motor for two wheelers
  • Electromagnetic analysis of Magneto
  • Magnetic analysis of traction motors.
  • Analysis of switched reluctance motor for automotive traction application

Other Systems

  • Design optimization of stabilizer bar
  • Redesign of door of SUV using Tailor welded blanks
  • Optimisation of door inner to reduce weight
  • Stabiliser bar fatigue
  • Ride / Drive/ Handling / Comfort analysis of passenger cars
  • Optimisation of crash box in bumper
  • Virtual 4 Poster Test Rig set up & Analysis

Off-road vehicles

  • Earth moving vehicles
  • Farm vehicles
  • Material handling vehicles
  • Golf course cars