Aero Structure
Aero Engine
Landing Gear
Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)
Space Craft Systems

Aero Structure

  • Landing gear fatigue life assessment (CAD, FEM, fatigue analysis)
  • Landing flap (kinematic and dynamics, stress analysis)
  • Composite Wing Optimisation (lay up design)
  • Wing design verification and optimization (stringers / spars / sizing and optimization)
  • Lug Joints and Brackets (fatigue and damage tolerance analysis)
  • Seating systems (CAE, dynamic analysis)
  • Crack growth studies on riveted sandwiched plates
  • Two bay crack analysis on skin panel
  • Air Intake design and optimization for UAV (S Type & Submerged)
  • Bird impact analysis
  • Frequency response analysis

Aero Engine

  • Dynamic (vibration) analysis of engine (LP, HP)
  • Compressible flow analysis (CFD, heat transfer)
  • Blade containment analysis
  • Thermo-Mechanical Fatigue of Garrett Engine combustion chamber liner coated with TBC
  • Feasibility study of Fatigue crack growth in CT specimens & Aero-Engine turbine disc
  • Distortion and residual stress estimation after electron beam welding of rotor shafts (LP and HP)
  • Thermo-mechanical Fatigue calculation of turbine blades, rotor disks, etc.
  • Life assessment methodology for Zirconia based TBCs (for engine hot parts and stationary parts)
  • Creep and damage of hot parts (including creep-fatigue interaction)
  • Residual growth modeling (Virtual Spin Test) of LP and HP compressor discs.
  • Crack growth modeling of discs, and other components to get the stress intensity factors, da/dn curves, and determine number of cycles required for a crack to grow to failure.
  • Investment / DC casting of Single Crystal Ni blades, and Ti blades
  • Forging (including isothermal forging) of Ti and Steel Blades

Landing Gear

  • Multi-body dynamics of landing gear for helicopter
  • Dynamic Finite element analysis main landing gear and nose landing gear of fighter air crafts
  • Fatigue life assessment, predictions of hot spots and estimation of cycles for fatigue crack initiation
  • Remaining life assessment and prescription of duty cycle loads/ service loads for safe operation of carrier air crafts.


  • Mechanical and thermal design of on-board systems
  • Enhance fatigue meter design, and optimisation (project involved conceptual design, static and dynamic FEM analysis, (shock / bump/ transient dynamics/ etc), fatigue life assessment, drop test and fixture design, physical prototyping and testing, generating the documents for certification, and getting certification and type approval and release of manufacturing drawings).

Space Craft Systems

  • Design verification, static and dynamic analysis, thermal analysis for variety of space craft systems / sensors / optical devices.
  • Telescopic cover optimisation used in satellite
  • Design, Analysis, optimization of opto-mechanical sensors used in space craft)
  • Structural, thermal and vibration analysis on electronic components used in space applications