Sensors and solenoids

ProSIM has assisted its customers in development of number of sensors, solenoids, and actuators used in a variety of applications including automotive, space crafts, aerospace, defence, industrial automation and control.

ProSIM has conducted finite element based electro-magnetic analysis to simulate the mechanical motion and control and predict the magnetic flux density, cogging force, thrust force, attractive force, eddy current, residual magnetisation, current control, induced voltage, efficiency, loss, heat generation, mode shapes -modal frequencies and displacements, vibration and noise.

Magnetic Sensors



Figures show voltage waveform & magnetic flux density distribution in a magnetic sensor
















Figure shows a solenoid type injectors used in IC engine to actuate a valve which is used for fuel injection by moving plunger with magnetic force created by an electromagnet. It is very important to know the operating characteristics of solenoid to get optimized fuel injection. Electromagnetic force generated, and current density distribution, losses are predicted for different positions of plunger are predicted. Effect of eddy current and collision are predicted. 225

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