Seismic Evaluation and Nuclear Engineering

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ProSIM has been assisting nuclear power generation in India with its expertise. ProSIM has been working with nuclear entities in India such as NPCIL, BHAVINI, IGCAR, BARC and their vendors such as L&T, Punj Lloyd, Kirloskars, Alstom, BGR Energy, and so on. ProSIM has also been working with ITER France and ITER Projects. Has jointly executed projects with AMEC Foster Wheeler for ITER.

ProSIM assists in design qualification as per ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel (B&PV) codes for seismic conditions and generic code evaluation.

ProSIM is an NPCIL (Nuclear Power Corporation of India) approved consultant, and registered vendor at IGCAR and BARC.

Why so many of NPCIL vendors chose ProSIM as service provider / consultant?

  • ProSIM team (with decades of experience, and education at PhD / M Tech / MS level) has expertise in FEM analysis, ASME codes
  • ProSIM has established procedures, methodologies and a history of successful project completion.
  • In-house scripts and best practices reduce the human error by engineers working on complex projects.
  • Timely delivery of projects
  • In the event of the system failure to quality, ProSIM has abilities to redesign the components/ systems/ supports etc., to enable qualification

ProSIM capabilities include, abilities to:

  • Conduct finite element analysis using commercial software such as ABAQUS /ANSYS etc.
  • Develop macros / scripts / sub-routines for code evaluation (As per ASME/ RCCMR /API/ AICE etc) or spectra based evaluation
  • Develop methodologies for seismic evaluation / qualification as per relevant section of ASME B&PV or other codes
  • Determine appropriate load cases and their combination for seismic evaluation.
  • expertise to qualify Class I, Class II and Class-III and NINS category of equipments, supports, welds & anchors as per ASME Section III Division 1 subsection NB, NC, ND and NF subsections // which are the other sections//
  • Mechanical and electrical equipments (active and passive equipments)
  • Submit reports to satisfy the needs of NPCIL/ AERB
  • Coordinate with NPCIL/ AERB/ BARC/ IGCAR authorities for technical clarifications.

Sample List of qualified equipment include

Pressure Vessels / Tanks of various types

  • Cylindrical / annular / Vertical /Horizontal /Leg support /Saddle support /Overhanging


  • Fuel cell piping,


  • Pneumatic control valve / Butterfly valve / Dual check plate valve / Ball valves

Compressors and Pumps

  • Triplex plunger pump / ECCS compressor / Hydraulic Power Units

DG Set, Alternator, and auxiliaries

  • DG Set, HSD Tank, LT buffer tank, Thermo-wells, Duplex filters, pre-heating modules, plate type heat exchangers, chimney ducts, silencer,

Electrical Equipments

  • Control panels, cable tray support structures, bus ducts

Special Equipments

  • Glove boxes, Thermosyphon evaporator, Shielding door, Dissolver, Automated Direct Fuel Transfer System, fire safety equipment
  • Filters & Strainers
  • Fuelling machine & pump room coolers
  • Spent Fuel Chopper (39-pin)
  • Steel structure (Sodium testing)
  • Emergency water system
  • Air conditioning & ventilation system including AC ducting & fans
  • Sample holding system
  • Centrifugal Extractor
  • Spray coloumn
  • Evaporator – Pot type
  • Evaporator – Thermosiphon type
  • HVWS System
  • Metallic bellows
  • Stump Pump
  • Liquid Ring vacuum pumps
  • Expansion joints