Electronics Packaging

 Thermal & Mechanical Design, Product Design and Engineering

ProSIM has assisted its customers in rapid development of a wide range of applications involving electronic systems. These include mission critical applications such as avionics, space control systems, defence control systems, and performance critical systems such as automotive electronics, medical electronics, industrial automation and high tech electronics.

ProSIM activities include:

  • Conceptual design of enclosures
  • Product engineering
  • Finite element analysis
    • Stress
    • Vibrations sine/ random/ shock
    • Thermal analysis
    • Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Drop test
  • Fatigue damage and durability assessment
  • Physical prototyping and testing
  • Design documentation including manufacturing drawings

By conducting rigorous multi-physics simulations, ProSIM engineers assist their customers to develop electronic systems in a cost effective manner. These simulations enable to:

  • Determine using coupled thermos-mechanical finite element analysis (FEM)the stress hot spots under different static and dynamic load situations
    • System can be optimized by appropriate shape / topology optimization
  • Determine thermal hot spots that get generated due to the heat generated by electronic components in the system
    • Optimize the layout of electronic components for uniform heat loading
    • Design and optimize the heat sink, and chose appropriate cooling fans for efficient removal of heat from the heat source. Use computational fluid dynamics (CFD) for this purpose
  • Simulate the effect of soldering, predict residual stresses, distortions and their effect on system structural integrity.
  • Study the fatigue life and damage caused; determine the durability.
  • Determine the integrity of the system under operational conditions. Use drop test simulation (explicit dynamic FEM, incorporating non-linear plasticity models)
  • Optimize the entire product to achieve desired levels of durability and reliability.


5 (2)

A concept developed for assembly of electronic system

4 (2)

Stress hot spot in fixture predicted by dynamic finite element analysis of assembly












Prediction of thermal hot spots and CFD analysis to enhance the heat dissipation

Prediction of thermal hot spots and CFD analysis to enhance the heat dissipation

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