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We @ ProSIM

Solve complex engineering problems deploying our expertise in computer aided engineering & simulation techniques; our engineering skills, R&D processes and methodologies; deep knowledge of industry standards and codes; and a solution mind set.

We work in focussed industry verticals

  • Energy
    • Nuclear
    • Thermal Power / Hydel/ Wind/ Oil and  Gas
  • Defence
    • Defence systems R&D, indigenisation
  • General Engineering

Our offerings include

  • Design, design calculations, design documentation
  • R&D/ engineering methodology development
  • Design verification and optimisation by simulation
    • Finite element analysis (FEA/ FEM)
      • Stress/ vibration / thermal/
      • Non-linear and Explicit dynamics analysis
      • Electro-magnetic analysis
      • Kinematics and dynamics
      • Materials and damage modelling (fatigue, fracture, creep etc)
      • All types of multi-physics simulations.
    • Thermal and flow – computational fluid dynamics (CFD) including fluid structure interaction, conjugate heat transfer
  • Seismic evaluation, re-evaluation, and seismic margin assessment (SMA);
  • Code evaluation using ASME B&PV, RCC, PNAE,  API, NEMA, IEEE, DNV and such codes
  • Development of scripts, macros, subroutine
  • Remaining life assessment and extension studies (RLA/ RLE)
  • Failure Analysis, Root Cause Analysis using simulation
  • Working as engineering experts for legal teams in arbitrations

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We Serve To Meet Your Needs


  • We work with our customers to develop and innovate new products or processes in early stage of product development life cycle, make them more reliable and efficient.


  • We assist our customers for value engineering (VA /VE) activities to make informed choices and trade-offs.


  • We conduct failure analysis to determine root cause of failures by simulating variety of ‘what-if’ scenarios.



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